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Casper is my tricolor stud. He was born on a ranch to a highly reputable and experienced breeder of several animals, including smooth and rough collies. Bred specifically for well-personality’d and working collies, his heritage is that of practicing herding dogs, therapy dogs, and award-winning lines. His pedigree chart goes back 9 generations and is rich with health-tested, shown and titled collies that make for happy, healthy companions. His heritage has a handful of stud collies with a DNA profile in the AKC registry. This means that these specific collies were in such high demand to sire litters that they had some of the greatest impact on the AKC Stud Book. Therefore, an AKC DNA profile with a unique DNA Profile number was made for these collies to eliminate questions about heritage and assure those looking to show those puppies that the litters were definitely sired by these distinguished dogs.

Casper’s personality
Casper is extremely affectionate and a companion dog through and through. He loves to cuddle, be hugged, carried, sit on your lap…anything that means feeling connected to you. He is also very social and prefers being where people are and loves to show off. He has a very regal prance that looks a lot like a royal pony. His deep bark has made for a great watchdog, and the neighborhood recognizes him and frequently stop to say hi.

Casper has been very easy to train. He is motivated by affection and time spent with you. He also has a distinctly strong herding instinct. Where Nola may follow poultry to sniff or nap with them, Casper can’t help but circle any poultry for hours, leading them to different areas the yard. This is the only time he’s NOT focused on getting a human’s affection.

A personality quirk unique to him has to do with his training. I have taught all my collies to sit every time they want to be pet. And he knows it well! He will come up to you, starring, and finally sit with a huff…while still quietly starring you in the eye. If you don’t pet him, he will stand up and sit down again. If you still don’t pet him, he will gently set a paw on your leg…still not breaking eye contact!

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Genetic Testing Results:
Multidrug Sensitivity (MDR1):  not affected/carrier
Collie Cyclic Neutropenia (CN): not affected/carrier
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM):  normal/noncarrier/clear
Von Willebrand’s Disease Type 2 (VWD2): normal/noncarrier/clear
Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA): not affected/carrier