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DNA Testing Results:
Multidrug Sensitivity (MDR1):   clear/normal/noncarrier OR carrier
Collie Cyclic Neutropenia (CN):  clear/normal/noncarrier
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM):  clear/normal/noncarrier
Von Willebrand’s Disease Type 2 (VWD2):  clear/normal/noncarrier
Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA):  clear/normal/noncarrier

Finding Quin was a struggle because, being already happy with our relatively complete bloodline, it was hard to find a collie with such a specific traits to best compliment and emphasize our current bloodline. We had great temperaments, smarts, and history in our Snow Collies. So we began looking for another girl that could compete with our collies’ temperaments, DNA, and staying true to the collie standard while offering additional coat color variety to the Snow Collie bloodline if selected to breed at some point in the future.

We met Snow’s Carolina On My Mind “Quin” after we traveled to meet her in North Carolina. Her breeder specialized in thoroughly DNA tested collies meeting the AKC rough collie standard. Meeting most of her collies, I found that they had similar personalities–extremely affectionate, curious, and very even-tempered. And Quin easily matched these personalities. Rarely making noise, most people didn’t notice the remarkably white collie pup with me on the plane heading back west!

10 months old and LOOK AT THAT COAT!

Since then, everyone who has met Quin has melted due to her quiet, affectionate demeanor, beautiful coat, naturally tipped ears, and her eyes. She has one brown eye and one very bright, ice blue eye. She is a harlequin sable–a very rare type of merle among collies of which little is known about its inheritance. A harlequin merle means (loosely put) that another gene is present in the collie in addition to the merle gene. The merling gene dilutes coat colors in a random marbling effect. The harlequin gene actually further dilutes the merling–turning whatever merling pattern white. It’s unknown how this trait is passed in collies, making it difficult to identify what her litter might look. She’s our box of (white) chocolate.

Quin is so quiet that we had to place a bell on her collar to know where she is, though she will bark occasionally when playing with Casper and Nola. A fun personality quirk is her ability to “collie talk” at several different pitches until everyone is in tears laughing. She also enjoys being invited to put her paws onto your chest to give hugs.

DNA testing:

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