What to Expect in Your Puppy




The AKC strives to improve a particular breed by advising breeders to “…mate animals that complement one another. Choose a dog whose bloodlines will strengthen your [other dog’s] weaknesses and emphasize [their] good qualities.”* In our case, we noted that Casper, Nola and Quin either complement or emphasize desirable qualities particularly well in inherited traits like temperament, health, herding instinct, coat, and conformation. Both Casper x Nola and Casper x Quin puppies are an improvement to the Collie breed because they complement each other and emphasize each other’s best qualities.

Offspring of a Casper x Nola pairing have a decorated pedigree chart:

Further characteristics of Casper, Nola, and Quin are noted in the following so you know what you can expect in your puppy:
Casper: affectionate, highly trainable, athletic, perceptive, people-oriented
         Coat color and style: tricolor, long/silky/shiny, bushy mane, things in summer, full                    thick coat in winter
         Temperament: attentive, loyal, great watchdog, very obedient, comes from a                          history of therapy dogs
         Body: tall/slender, athletic, AKC standard in weight, as tall as the AKC standard                     allows (bloodline comes from slightly larger and heavier-boned Collies compared                     to today’s show Collies), has produced naturally tipped ears, ears not tipped
         Herding instinct: present, very strong, history of practicing herding dogs
         Health: see his page for DNA test results, pedigree chart goes back 9 generations in              health tested, shown, and titled dogs
Nola: maternal, active watchdog, enjoys people and animals
         Coat color and style: pure sable, thick year-round, bushy particularly in mane,                        lioness-like
         Temperament: active watchdog, extremely maternal, gentle towards                                      children and animals
         Body: muscular, AKC standard for females in weight/height, coat texture, bite, tail,                has produced naturally tipped ears, ears not tipped
         Herding instinct: not present
         Health: see DNA test results on her profile page, 5 generation pedigree chart, comes           from lines of AKC DNA registered sires, no known family history of illness,
Quin: food-oriented, patient, playful, enjoys people and animals
Coat color and style: sable harlequin (white) merle, thick and long and silky coat
Temperament: extremely docile and quiet, low maintenance, loves physical contact
Body: AKC standard for females in weight/height, head, eyes, ears, body, legs, gait,              tail, and expression, ears tipped
Herding instinct: not present
Health: see her profile page for DNA test results

To see videos of Casper and Nola, check out https://youtu.be/wgWUQ-3WcEw